Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Living it up, in Kauai!

Pictures from our recent trip to Kauai, Hawaii


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Lance said...

Hey Marc, thanks for checking in @ Harlem 26.2 - I see you were featured in the NBMA newsletter - Tony Reed is a great guy. Beautiful photos here - wow, I am jealous, it's about 8F with the windchill at this moment here in NYC - but I'm holdin' it down out here - I am a native Californian, from Oakland actually. I see Tanya is from Bermuda, she probably knows my girlfriend in my college years - Andrea Dismont?...from Hamilton Parish, Studio Bay.

Very impressed that you two run Ultras - you're stronger runners than me - that's for sure...and Tanya rocking Badwater is crazy - I know what that means - you will never catch me @ Badwater, WS100, no way - I want none of that stuff.

If you scan my blog, you'll see I talk a lot about a friend that died 3 weeks ago, Ted Corbitt 88, a Black man that few know is credited for inventing the sport of Ultra Running. Ted used to run 20 miles to and from work every day (he was a physical therapist), he would run 200+ miles week all the time. I knew Ted - if you're not familiar with him you should watch the video on my site from last week.

Anyway - thanks for checking in and if you've not ran NYC yet - it's an absolute must - an unreal marathoning experience.

Take it easy,