Monday, February 18, 2008

Lost Dutchman Marathon

Tanya is on a tear 3; straight weeks 3 straight races. We ran the Lost Dutchman Marathon yesterday in Apache Juction AZ. Tanya ran 3:54:30 and placed 3rd in her age group. You Keep going Girl!!
Race Report to Follow.


Maurice said...

It was great meeting you both. Great job Tanya, you too Marc. If not for the bathroom break, we probably would have finished together. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Marc and Tanya said...
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Marc and Tanya said...

Great meeting and running with you also. I wanted that Sub 4 but things happen. Boy it hurts when you push but come up short; but that is all part of the fun of running. Have a great run on your 50 miler, best of luck. Looking forward to running with you again.

Byfrost said...

Want to give a "BIG CONGRATS" from your neighbor in Wrightwood. As "Bob" would say, "The Sun is Always Shining".