Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventure Weekend

Tanya and I had 3 days of adventurous activities over the past weekend. But it was what we saw Friday that made the weekend special. After work on Friday we headed to the Angeles Forest for a mid afternoon hike to the summit of Mt. Baldy. After making it to the summit; it was such a beautiful day we decided to stay at the top and soak up some sun and relax.

If you have read previous posts you probably noticed we enjoy training on the trails of Mt. Baldy. Mt Baldy is a great place to hit single track trails at high elevation, you talk about a high! The excitement came on our way back down, we had the rare opportunity to see Big Horn sheep up close and personal.

Look closely, they are in the brush eating and drinking from a stream which runs down between the rocks.As we continued to descend the mountain, we must have gotten their attention. This big fellow stopped eating and drinking and watched us.
We have seen the sheep in the past, but this is the first time they didn't scatter.

In this picture there is a Red tailed hawk sitting on a branch, mostly likely scoping out its next meal. If you click on the pictures sometimes they will enlarge, so you can get a better view :)

On Saturday morning we rose early and headed to the Santa Ana River Trail. If I am ever going to do an Ironman I have to get those cycling miles in. We put in about 50 miles, I have not been in the saddle much lately, man my rear was sore by the end of the ride. We enjoy riding this bike path, there is no automobile traffic or street signals. Because of this you are able to get in a great work-out and push it for miles and miles without interruption. The trail ends in surf-city Huntington beach, so if you like you can take a dip in the ocean.

The adventure did not stop, on Sunday morning we again woke up with the sun and headed to Bonelli park (Puddingstone lake). We jumped in a kayak and paddled for 2 hours around the lake. You talk about a different pace. Running and cycling are on thing, but paddling really changes everything. My shoulders were burning, but it was so nice to be on the water.

So that was our fun and fitness filled weekend. After reading our post, we hope we have motivated you to get out there and live. Life is wonderful, and a blessing. Be grateful for everyday you receive, and remember tomorrow is not promised so have fun today!



Pamela Ann said...

That was beautiful and insightful.


DawnB said...

thank you for sharing again. Beautiful i'm always in awe. Life is beautiful and a blessing indeed.

Pamela Ann said...

Okay, what are you guys up to now? Havent heard from you two, but Ive been checking to see the new ventures. Looking forward.

rebecca said...

The Naughty Boy

There was a naughty boy,

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That a song

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