Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Garden Update

I haven't posted about our garden lately, but I thought for those who may be interested I would give an update. Though I don't have any pictures, our camera was on the blink for a few months. Incredibly it just started working last week after Tanya dropped it purposely. Anyway, our winter crop did great and tasted delicious! We grew collard greens and kale, carrots, beets (love the beets), and cabbage. We actually still have kale growing and about 3-4 heads of cabbage still growing.
Now to this years summer garden of which I do have a few pictures.
I thought this was a great shot of morning dew on a squash leaf.
Look at the Roma tomatoes, last year we had cherry tomato's this year Roma and Big Beefy.

Our Avocado tree, which are the branches on the left, is doing incredibly well. It's less than 2 yrs old.

Tending to the yellow zucchini squash, and Brussel sprouts that are growing in the distance. We are also growing cucumbers and butternut squash. I can't wait until they begin to harvest to share and to enjoy. Nothing tastes better then the natural fruits and vegetable's God has provided for us.

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