Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Beach 1/2 Marathon

Sunday Tanya and I ran the Long Beach 1/2 marathon. Not boasting, but I can get accustomed to these shorter distance races. Let me elaborate on some of the reasons why. Planning is pretty simple, show up and run. Ultras: drop bags/electrolytes/nutrition/clothing: what to pack, which aid station to leave it at, when will you get to it. Time is a biggie: 1/2 marathon less than 2 hours, home in time to see the second half of the early game (West coast). East coast home in time to see the whole game! Ultra's, depending on the distance (5-29+ hours), forget about the games period! Monday night football ? maybe in a coma!
So with that said, you decide!
Time to go watch the game!!


Stuart said...

I thought I recognized Tanya!

Yep the halfs an easy before breakfast kinda run!

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Yes Sir!
We are running the Mission Inn 1/2 marathon this Sunday in Riverside.