Monday, March 19, 2012

The Steelman Challange

So let me begin, I was surprised Tanya and I hadn't posted a race report, a story, or anything since May 2011. It is past due ! its time to share a report. Though we haven't posted we have been active; in the time since May we not only have been training consistently but have also managed to participate in a few races. Let me list them. The Las Vegas Triathon "Olympic Distance", next year we step up to the "Half Iron" distance. We ran the High Desert Ultra Marathon, and also the Calico Ghost Town Ultra Marathon.

I'm going to be honest with the poor economy, and the ever increasing registration fees for races, we have curtailed our entries. There was a time when Tanya and I ran a marathon or an ultra a month and sometimes two; not anymore its' just two expensive. One Hundred and fifty dollars to run a marathon!! Crazy!! We both could run for that price!!!.... only a few short years ago..But anyway.....

The "Inaugural" STEELMAN SPRINT TRIATHLON CHALLENGE took place Sunday February 19th in Fontana California. The event was coined as a family event that boasted a reverse triathlon, and a 5K run as the challenge. The triathlon started with a 5K run followed by a hilly 12 mile ride, then finished with a 100 meter swim. The 5K run ran simultaneously with the triathlon. I would like to give Kudos to the race director(RD) "Ray Allard and his staff of volunteers" for an inaugural event everything went smoothly like a well oiled machine. From packet pickup to the the awards presentations everything ran smoothly. Additionally to Tanya and I participating in the event, 3 of our fitness clients also participated. Which included Ray Allard (RD); Kiana Webb and Kyle Webb; way to step up to the challenge!! Each shared excitement for what was accomplished (Kiana and Kyle Triathlon first timers!!!!), and already look forward to participation in more triathlon and running events!!!

See your on the Trails.



Janice McCaffrey said...

Hello Marc and Tanya,
I am visiting Bermuda during the time of the Caitlin End to End and found your blog about running it. I am an avid marathon runner and want to keep training while there and was hoping to run it or the Middle to End. Do you know if it is frowned upon to run or how I would know if others are running? Enjoyed reading your blog!
Janice McCaffrey

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Sorry for the delay in responding. No it is not frowned upon to run the end to end; though it is not treated as a race. A few local running clubs such as Swann's Running Club will surely have a group out there. Have a great time, this is a great way to see the island. The old railway trails are the best!
Marc and Tanya

Tamara Evans said...

I just found your blog via a google search and wanted to say that you are both a inspiration to me since you like to run/be active and and are vegan. Although I used to not be active, this year I've decided to get serious about running and this year alone, I have run 3 half marathons as well as a 10K and a 5K. If you'd like to learn more about me, check out my blog at or check of my photos on Flickr (my flickr name is glassesgirl79).

Hope to hear from you soon,
Tamara Evans