Wednesday, April 18, 2007

MS Walk 2007:Doing More Than We Think We Can

We thought we would share with you a day in the life of one of our hero's (Rene Webb). She brought tears to my eye's this past weekend, we at times take for granted our ability to walk and run. But there are those hero's out there that fight the fight everyday, Tanya and I are proud to be a part of her and her family's life. This if from an email sent out to everyone who has or had been involved in GTM Fitness. MJ

GTM Fitness Fanatics, MS, Walk 2007Thanks for all your prayers and support.Rene Webb succeeded in her goal. This year Rene Webb through strength and perseverance was able to walk the entire MS walk in Upland this past Sunday.This was her 7th consecutive year of participation.Rene was on a vision quest with her group "JOYFUL NOISE" as she started out smart with a slow but comfortable pace.Every 1/4 mile more or less Rene would take a rest in the chair while Tanya gave her a quick body massage to keep the blood flowing and Dr. Marc would have her drink fluids to stay hydrated.Rene had much support from her group. We kept a watchful on her gait and energy levels as Rene was adamant to finish.A few times on the course the official MS SAG vehicle stopped and ask if we needed help.Our answer was always "THANKS, BUT NO THANKS," we're doing just fine.Soon after they drove off Rene would push herself up out of the wheel chair and onto her feet keeping her vision alive. After 2 hours and a few minutes Rene crossed the finish line with tears of Joy.Mission accomplished.She said, she can't wait till next year. WE/SHE THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO VERY MUCH."WE CAN DO MORE THAN WE THINK WE CAN"
Tanya and Dr. Marc


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