Friday, April 20, 2007


Last Saturday while in Las Vegas we visited the RED ROCK CANYON.

The next time you visit Las Vegas get off the strip and go for a run, hike or a bike ride in “Red Rock Canyon”. You will thank yourself, only a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of the strip is this beautiful, quiet and serene valley. It must be the Mecca of fitness in the Vegas area; it was great to be among like minded individuals who love fitness.
After a night of fun on the strip with Tanya’s sister and her husband who was visiting from Bermuda, we woke up early and escaped from the hotel to get in our training(a must!). Tanya decided to run as she is preparing for the Badwater solo and I decide to cycle. The canyon has a paved 14.5 mile loop which climbs to over 4500 feet. Because I decided to ride I had to do the loop 2x’s.
I recently added cycling as a form of cross training, not only to stress muscles in different ways, but also to decrease pounding on the joints. I have visions of an Ironman in 2008. I was quickly humbled, as two riders cruised by me on one of the climbs as if I was standing still. I tried to jump on there butts, but my legs said “no go, not today buddy”. I just laughed to myself “you have a lot of work ahead of you if you want to do an Ironman”.
Tanya cruised the loop with ease, as always looking as is she had done nothing. We commented on how beautiful the red rocks and mountains are, and that you would never know a bustling city was only a few minutes away.
When in Vegas got to Red Rock Canyon, you will thank yourself.

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