Monday, July 16, 2007

Mt. Baldy Nights

This past Friday night Tanya, Don and Jeanette Ewing and I hiked up the Baldy Dome trail to the summit of Mt San Antonino (Ole' Mt Baldy 10,054ft highest peak in the San Gabriel's)and spent the night star gazing.
Carrying such large packs was a change from our usual fanny or fast pack which we wear for trail running. I swear I was carrying another person on my back!

We made it to the summit just after 9:30pm, I think I can speak for everyone, "we where pooped". We rolled out our mats and sleeping bags, and let the cool mountain air knock us out. But in the morning everyone said that they could not sleep, HMMM that's funny,there was sure a lot of snoring going on!

Hey Don! is that coffee ready!

We got up early with the dawn, then headed back down the mountain.

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