Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fun in Santa Monica

A few weeks ago we went to the infamous Santa Monica stairs for an early morning workout, and what fun we had! There is no better way to get those legs PUMPED!!!
We are all smiles, that was soon to change. There is Yvonne, Emily, Me, Claudia, Tanya, and Tim. Hey where is Bernadette? Oh yea she must be taking the picture.

Wow! coming down is sooo much easier than going up!! Hey Bernadette, you work it Girl!!
What a way to get ready for those upcoming fall marathons and 1/2 marathons!!

Hey that's me and Tanya, up,up,up and away. Wow that's a lot of steps! can you believe up above there is another set.

That's it Claudia stretch it out, Emily knows what to do stay hydrated and keep those energy reserves up.

NO MAN! The beach it that way!! Marc, Tim are you sure they want to go that way. Yes Dear.

Peace Out Baby, we knocked it out!

We are smiling but our legs are shaking, another great workout down, until the next time.
Get Fit and Stay Fit

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