Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Beach 1/2 marathon

On Sunday October 14 we woke up early to run the Long beach 1/2 marathon. Me, Tanya, Penny and George were ready to hit the Beach!. The Long Beach race is flat and fast, and runs along the beach path; which give very nice views of the ocean and the small islands just off shore.

We found great parking only a few blocks away from the start. Penny and George making a last minute check before the sun rose. You don't want to forget the life saver "bodyglide".

Yes those are the very important porta-potties, if you are looking for someone before a race 10 to 1 you'll find them in line at the john.
Minutes before the start, and the last time we would see each other until the finish line.
I always seem to be trying to catch up!

I just crossed the finish line and they wrapped me in tin foil, what's up with that! I'm a human burrito!! Give me some HOT sauce! Hey, George! way to go! new PR (personal best for those who don't know) 2:45:33. Breaking the 3 hour mark never felt so good!

Hey LADIES, you ran The Beach! Hey, wait a minute, you are wrapped in tin foil too! Way to go you both did very good and look even better!!

We would also like to send a shout out to:

Char, Dennis, Claudia, Mac, Jason S, and Jason B who also ran and rode The Beach on Sunday morning. Fitness is fun, and it makes you feel even better!!


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