Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Calico Ghost Town 50K

Tanya decided to sneak in a race without me before the RR100. Well I guess not sneak one in, I was there with her. I just didn't run.

Tanya and our Ultra-running friend Dorsh, getting ready to hit the trail

There they go!! Have a safe run everybody.

Our good friend Michelle on her way not only to another win but to a new course record!!


Hot Walker said...

Did visit Calico Ghost Town in 1978! Quite some time ago - but fun to see the pictures.
Keep running!

Reflection said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by and leaving encouraging words. I will keep up my training/ running. My goal is to run a marathon. My husband(Marvin) really is cool with me beating him. He just can't understand sometime why I'm all excited to get up @ 5 a.m. to go workout or running. When he hates it because he have to do it everyday due to been in the military. He often joke that I shouldv'e join the

You and Tanya have a very inspiring and lnteresting blog. I so agree with Let go and live. I'm trying to get my husband to this level. Tanya is such a beatuiful lady. I love her locs!

Marc and Tanya said...

Thank you also for the encouraging words. Marvin sounds like a cool brother :) Sounds like you have the running bug! I love early morning runs also, no better time.
Keep up the training, and do let set backs keep you down. They will come but take them in stride!

Kylie said...

Tanya you rock! I ran with you for a bit and got to talk with you -- I'm Kylie (one of the green shirts). It was a great day, and thanks for being part of my first ultra and helping get me hooked!!

(my blog race report will be up later today)