Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We had a great time running the Avalon 50 miler:

Tanya, Jeannette, and Marc.
The 3 amigo's back together again for another ultra run.

Friday afternoon (Jan 11, 2008)we caught the Catalina Express from Long Beach California. The island of Catalina is a small island 22 mile off the California coast.

Good Bye Long Beach and the famous Queen Mary which has been turned into a hotel.
The ride to Catalina is about an hour.

Jump to race morning.
Jeannette is getting her hydration pack together and I am getting into the zone!! The weather was a bit chilly at the start of the race, but it quickly warmed up. We could have not asked for a better day on such a beautiful place.

Minutes before the race started at 5:00 am Tanya and Jeannette synchronizing their watches. There was a big field of runners, I think the RD said the most ever 198 starters.

The sun rose quickly, and the beauty of the island came alive. This picture was taken on the back side of the island. What a great place to have a trail run, it doesn't get much better. The terrain consisted of black top and hard packed fire roads; which made for a fast course.

Tanya kicking it into gear, as always leaving me behind. It's not that I want to be left behind, I just cant keep her quick pace. But, it is fun to have such a good looking carrot to chase!!

Hey Mister Bison! Don't mind us, we are just running by. Enjoy your grass and don't even look our way.

Tanya climbing out of Twin Harbors after the turnaround point. The weather was as good as it gets.
This was an opportunity to see all of our ultra friends who where ahead of us and those who were behind.

Still smiles at the finish. To our surprise we both ran PR's in the 50 mile distance.
Tanya 10:43 and Marc 10:48. With only days to the RR100 we used this run as our last long training run. But getting a PR just added to an already spectacular day!

Hey who was that speeding ultra runner heading to the finish line!

It was Jeannette passing by, on her way to another 50 mile finish. Way to GO! RR100 here she comes!!

Good bye Catalina. We had a fun time and we will definitely be back.
If you are looking for a fun, friendly and fast 50 miler. Then the Avalon 50 on Catalina Island is for you!!

Much Trail Love

MJ and TJ


Maurice said...

Great job you two. I've been waiting anxiously to see your report. I had already looked up your time and saw that you both did well. I've been reading your blog every since I read about you at the Black Marathon site. Figured it was time to say hello and let you know that you inspire me. Hopefully I'll meet you at Lost Dutchman.

Marc and Tanya said...
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Marc and Tanya said...

Thanx for reading our blog. I see you are going to run a 50 soon!! Great!! Put the Avalon 50 on your to do list. It was a fun run in a beautiful place. Looking forward to meeting you at the Lost Dutchman also.