Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brand New Adventure

Yesterday began a new chapter in our evolution as athletes; Indoor Rock Climbing. Tanya had been wanting to give climbing a try for months, we went to the local indoor climbing club and had a ball!!

Tanya keeping a close eye on me as I scale the wall like Spider man! What a trust builder!! Tanya my life is in your hands, please don't let go of that rope!

That's me doing my best to look confident, it's a long way down. Grip don't fail me now!!

Doesn't she make everthing look easy. Are you Rock Climbing, or just looking cute!

This is called bouldering, no ropes, no harness, just a padded floor for when you fall. Much more challenging than it looks.

We had a great time and a strenuous work-out, rock climbing is a definite total body work-out. Loved it!! Your balance and core strength are really challenged. The total body work-out it delivers I think will help tremendously in running especially technical trail running. We can't wait to go back!! Marc and Tanya


Kylie said...

Hey I recognize that place! Hangar is a great site, and climbing really is a blast. I got scared a bit away from it once I had races coming up since I was still new enough that I just wasn't sure what I was doing or what my limits were. But I should go back sometime :)

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

We think we are going to love climbing, going back soon!!