Monday, June 9, 2008

San Diego 100: Rocks, Rocks, and more ROCKS

I am disappointed to tell you Tanya and I DNF'ed at mile 70; but I will follow with a race report in the next day or two.

I know I said I would write a race report on the SD100, but I just can't get up to it. I guess I just want to put it behind and move forward. I'm not a sour grape about it, I just don't want to elaborate about it. It just wasn't our day, Tanya or I. We are looking forward to new adventures and races :) So I am sorry to disappoint anyone who may have been interested in reading a report.
"Sometimes you have to live to fight another day"


Catra said...

Hi Mark it was great seeing you and Tanya. I'm sorry to hear you didn't finish. Are you two ok???
I managed to stay with Andy the whole way.
It's so fun being out on the trails with someone your in love with.
Next up we will run Bighorn 100 together.
I hope you guys are ok.
It seems many people at issues with the cold. Thank god I had enough warm clothes.
Love you guys,

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Tanya and I are well,just wasn't our day at SD100. I will post more in a report. But is was great seeing you and Andy, not sure what is next thinking about the Arkasas Traveler 100, but will be doing some 50K's and 50's before then.
Tanke care Marc and Tanya

SLB said...

Sorry to hear about the DNF, I guess that goes to the lessons learned column

Pamela Ann said...

For what it is worth, Im proud of you and Tanya for doing 70 miles. I see there was over 50% DNF in that run. I still applaud you both and look forward to seeing you two progress in the 100 miler.
Run Steady

Reese said...

Totally understandable on the race report. Good luck on your next ventures. Hope to see you in the future.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Thanks for understanding all:) The adventures shall continue.