Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Increasing the Miles

We had another great weekend of running, the weather was incredible; nice and crispy. The winds blew all of the smog away and you could see the mountains for miles and miles. Absolute Paradise. I can only speak for myself, because Tanya always seems to be feeling great; but I feel I am coming out of a mental and physical fog. We are ramping up the miles again and committing to races. I guess if we are serious about going back to RR100 in February we had better get the quantity of miles up. With that said we have committed to 3 upcoming races. This Sunday we will be running the inaugural Pasadena Marathon. In December we will be heading back to Ridgecrest, Ca to run the friendliest Ultra in America the High Desert Ultra. The High Desert Ultra was my first and and one of my favorites. Then in January we are heading to Arizona to run the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon .

Much love and may all your days be blessed!



Pamela Ann said...

Change is coming! (Wink) Hang in there. Thanks for sharing that beautiful shot! Look forward to hearing about your marathon.

Anonymous said...

Marc - I feel you on coming out fo that "fog". The beautiful thing is you are now on the otehr side of it.

I hope the sun shines bright on you two. And happy running!

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Thanks I am on the other side.
We run the High Desert Ultra this weekend, and looking forward to the sunshine!