Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Running Inspiration

Today I saw a video on David Goggins Short Film . The video is of his win at the McNaughton 150 mile trail Ultra! This brother is all business and a running inspiration. The next time I'm hurting in a race or thinking of DNFing I'm going to remember something he said in this video "Open the next door".




lake said...

This video is incredible, and David Goggins is even more amazing. The toll this guy puts on his body is unheard of, and he is a walking (running) inspiration. A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!

rob said...

I agree that was incredible. I read somewhere that David's first triathlon was the Ultraman, which I think is something crazy like a double IM. I like that phrase "Open the door".

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Rob you are right about the Ultraman and he placed 2nd. I have run in a few races that he was also running in here in So Cal. You talk about focus, must be part of the Navy Seal Training! Awesome Dude!

Pamela Ann said...

Thanks for sharing. He seem to have a submissive courage to the journey's he sets. His focus is beyond strong, that is one incredible soldier!

Ravi said...

Goggins is amazing! Puts a new perspective on what training means!

Also, thanks to linking to the video from my blog :)