Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Non-Weight Bearing Exercise

Last weekend Tanya and I had the opportunity to go sailing with friends. It had been many years since either of us had been sailing, yearning for the deep blue sea we jumped at the chance.
She was named the "Evening Star" a sea worthy vessel. We set sail out of Newport Beach, CA. We loaded her up with plenty of munchies, I hear sailing makes you hungry :)

After Alex guided us out of the harbor, I was handed the Helm. As a south westerly wind pushed us towards Dana point, I couldn't stop thinking of the early explorer's. The fantastic, but treacherous journeys to far and distant lands, many to be sucked up by the sea and never see land again. Hey, does this thing have life jackets!
Ay' mates, it's the pirates life for me! See any whales yet! No but I did see a mermaid!

Oh' land ho, crew!

Tanya at the helm, intensely focusing as the wind picks up and our knots quicken. It was her job to bring us back home to the harbor safely.

Riding the "Evening Star" like a surf board. BABY!
We had a great day with wonderful friends. We look forward to sailing again soon, Catalina Island here we come.
One Love,


Name: Mom, Jennifer, Jen, or Jenno said...

Looking good captain! Great to catch up with your blog. I used to grow veggies, heirloom types at our old house, i loved it, very relaxing and tasty. Hope to see you guys soon, Jennifer Griste :)

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Hey Jenn,
Good to hear from you and also hope to see you soon. How is training for WS100? Look fwd to hearing about it.
MJ :)