Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Snow in the Mountains

Last week Tanya and I decided to take a hike. From the valley below where we live the front side view of mountains are bare of snow. Only a 30 minute drive landed us into a winter wonderland. There has been a lot of rain this year in the lowlands, which equates to snow in the highlands.
Ice house Canyon is a very scenic trail that begins around 5000 ft. The trail meanders uphill along a creek for 3.4 miles and ends at the Saddle. The Saddle is a trail junction from which you can follow other trails to Mtn Peaks such as the 3 T's (Timber,Telescope,Thunder), Ontario peak, and Cucumonga peak. A gateway into the mountains.
The higher we hiked the deeper the snow got and the colder the temperature dropped.

We made to the Saddle, but where are the signs leading to the other peaks?

Cucamonga Peak Trail sign!

Ontario Peak trail sign.
The signs stand at least 4 ft high, so even late into April, there is quite a deep snow pack.
Until next time.
Hike or run a trail, it will do the body good!

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