Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Report: Long Beach Half Marathon

Runners skirt Shoreline Aquatic Park with Rainbow Harbor alongside them in the coastal portion of the 24th Long Beach International City Bank Marathon on Sunday. About 18,000 participated in six events. (Steven Georges / Staff Photographer)

After having heat wave earlier in the week, the weather cooperated for Sundays Long Beach Marathon. The weather was absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and temperatures that just barely reached 70 degrees.

My goal time was a sub 1:50:00, last year at Long Beach I ran a 1:59:42.

mile 1: 10:05 to slow
mile 2: 8:59
mile 3: 8:50
mile 4: 8:32
mile 5: 8:23
mile 6: 8:41 pee break :)
mile 7: 8:25
mile 8: 8:25
mile 9: 8:00
mile 10: 7:59
mile 11: 8:10 fell off :( pace
mile 12: 8:10 fell off :( pace
mile 13: 7:47
mile .2: 7:02

finishing time: 1:52:14 pace: 8:34 average

As you can see I did not reach my goal time, but I feel I ran a smart race. I was able to drop my pace in each successive mile other than mile 6. Then at crunch time (*mile 11-12) I couldn't stay under 8 min pace which was where I needed to be. But going back to mile 1 that was the difference maker. I used mile one as my warm up, I usually warm up with a few striders for about 10-15 mins before the race, but the Porto potty line was very long :).
Tanya pulled away from me in the last few miles to finish in 1:51:25 averaging a 8:30 pace.

Back to speed work and fartleks!



Pamela Ann said...

That was great, holding down all those eight's. Even with the pee break you were steady running steady! Good going. Enjoy the speed workouts.

GandaMan said...

Nice run, Marc.

Now what's up with all this PSU talk? Texas, baby. #1.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Got to love JOE PA! I live in Ca but raised in PA!!
Lions going for #1

DawnB said...

Very nice congratulations

Reese said...

"Reese, We are thinking of going back to the RR100 in Feb. It would be a great first 100 miler! How about it!! M J"

Dr. Marc, you must be a mind reader. I have set the RR100 as my first 100, I would love to meet you (again) there.


Pamela Ann said...

Thanks, Marc. Im going for the 19 sunday. Let you know how it goes

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

I have to get on track if I'm going to go back to RR100. But that is awesome you going for your first 100! I will keep you posted on our plans.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Pamela, great the base miles are key to running success!