Monday, February 9, 2009

First Ultra of the Year

Well it is only 12 days to go until our first Ultra of 2009. The race is the Orange Curtain 50K and 100K. Tanya and I have never run this race before, though it is part of the So. Cal Ultra series. The course is a 10K out and back asphalt section on the San Gabriel River Trail; unlike the single track mountain trails we love. I think this race may be a mental challenge for both of us in that respect. It should build some mental fortitude. Tanya is going to run the 100K distance, and I'm going to run the 50K distance (Wimp right).


Anonymous said...

you two will do very doubt about it!!!!

Pamela Ann said...

Girl Power! Tanya go get yours!
Marc get yours too, I just had to Tanya first this time 'cause she has more to get!
The best to both you! You guys are the best!