Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship with Running

Saturday Tanya and I run the Orange Curtain 50/100K. I hate the week before races! I always get anxious and can't wait to get out there to run. Then when while running the race I often have thoughts of what the heck am I doing out here. You could be somewhere relaxing, and not putting your body through this. But when the race is over, and the freedom of running, the cool breeze through my hair, and thoughts of bliss are gone. That's when I wish I still had a few more miles to go. Crazy eh! No matter how beat up I feel afterwards, I always feel comfort in the accomplishment.
Wish us luck Tanya is running the 100K and I am running the 50K. If everything goes well I'm am hoping to go under 5 hours. That would be a big time PR for me at the 50K distance.


rob said...

The east coast is pulling for ya! Good luck Dr. Marc & Tanya. I hope you guys have the race of your dreams.

DawnB said...

good luck to both of you have fun.

Pamela Ann said...

Get that PR Marc!
Yall know how to do it!
The best to you both.