Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Orange Curtain Race Report

Tanya and I arrived in Cerritos early and the morning temperature was perfect for running. The Orange Curtain is run along the San Gabriel River Trail, the course is a 10K loop that will be repeated 5 times or 10 times depending on which race you are running. As I mentioned in previous posts my goal was to go under 5 hours, my strategy for the day was to break the run down into 5 short races. Meaning I wanted to focus on each 10K section one at a time and run each as close to an hour as possible. I hoped this strategy would keep me from thinking about the monotony of running the same road back and forth over and over again. It worked because the miles and the morning passed by very quickly.

10K: 1:00:00 perfect right on pace!
20K: 1:57:12 feeling good body is loosening up, the sun is breaking through the clouds.
30K: 2:58:23 best lap of the day feeling Strong, feeling good about next two laps.
40K: 4:01:42 how quickly things change, feeling fatigued stomach a little upset but sub 5 still in reach.
50K: 5:16:55 Damn! couldn't hold the pace and an unscheduled bathroom break(#2) didn't help. But no excuses. Knocked almost 30 Min's off of previous 50K PR so I am still Pumped!

Tanya ended up calling it a day at the 50K, she was entered in the 100K race. She still had a terrific finishing time of 5:28:41, and was conserving to go 50K more.
Overall we had a great time, it was great seeing and running with so many friends. I rate races on their Aid stations and Jay(RD) his wife, and the volunteers had their stuff together. Look how

clean and neat this aid station is. That says a lot, and I took this picture after I had finished running, it was clean and well supplied like this all day! Maybe this is why I like running ultras the food!; marathons only give you water or a sports drink.

Get out there and run!!


DawnB said...

congratulations to both of you and to your PR. that table look delicious what a set up

Reese said...

Great job. Always nice to P R.

rob said...

Rock On! That sounded like a great day. Way to hit that PR. Y'all inspire me to want to push myself and try a 50 miler one of these days. Maybe some time this fall. You were right about those aid stations, it looked very good.

Pamela Ann said...

Im still admire you both.
I still have that 50k planned to run at the end of the year. Keep
up the good work!

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Thanks family,
Sorry for the late reply.
Our internet is down.

Reese said...

Yes I did meet with the BMA. It was not a great event.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Reese sorry to hear that.

Name: Mom, Jennifer, Jen, or Jenno said...

Great seeing you guys! Hope our paths will cross at a race again, Take care, Jennifer Griste :)

Angie said...

Dr mark and Tanya, Where have you gone? Did you relocate your business? Please tell me you did.You two work miracles for me!So much so that i have not needed any work for almost a year. I came to make an appt the other day and was saddened. This was the only thing i could find. So, here i am trying desperately to get in contact with you.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

We can be reached at (951)-544-7440
Remind us who you are?(smile).