Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bonelli Park Fat Ass 50K Report

The first Bonelli Park Fat Ass 50K (or Less) went on without a hitch. There was a total of six of us to take on the challenge. They where Marty, Bruce, Jeannette, Tim, Tanya and Me. Tanya and I had run and marked the course late in the afternoon the night before so we decided from the beginning we where only going to run 2 of the 11 mile loops. We were confident the others would step up to the challenge and run all 3 loops. But as the morning progressed; I'm not sure if it was maybe the difficulty of the course, or that fact that after each loop you returned to your car to refuel (which made it easy to stop), but everyone decided to call it a early day and no one completed the entire 33 miles. I still see potential in the course and maybe we can do it again next year and everyone will complete the course. Nonetheless we had a terrific day out there, running just brings so much JOY!! Stay fit, Stay strong, and LOVE LIFE. Life is great you know.



DawnB said...

what a way to spend the morning with friends. the course looks wonderful and challenging.

Pamela Ann said...

Yes, life is so great.
Keep up the good work.