Thursday, November 1, 2007

Javelina Hundred Picture Diary

We arrived in Fountain Hills Arizona on Friday October 26, 2007 the afternoon before the race, hence the fountain in Fountain Hills.
Tanya Chill'en at the race headquarters Friday night. The 100 miles will begin a 6am Saturday.

The "Ghost ship" and our campsite where I would be chill'en during the day, acting as Tanya's crew and chef. Ya got to eat a lot while running 100 miles!!

Tanya checking out the starting line 15 minutes before race time! Time to get into the "zone" it will be a long day.An they are off!!
The Sun rises upon this day, beautiful.

The eventual race winner Jorge Pacheco, the guy is pure class. A special runner and a great guy. Michelle Barton the female winner last year. This year she led for many loops, but fell to second this year. But no points lost, she is as awesome as ever. Michael Hayden is on her heels, he was the youngest finisher last year at 17 years old.
Tanya cruising during the midday heat which reached the triple digits. You GO!!

I don't know where she finds all that energy!!

The day is gone and the sun is setting, the temps will be dropping and Tanya will be stomping :)
Bye dear, I'll see you in about 4 hours. she's heading out onto trail again after a short stop that consisted of a shoe change and some warm soup to keep her motor running.

A picture of base camp, and all of the runners, and crews tents.
The sun is almost down, and the coyotes will soon be howling.

Day 2, the heat has affected Tanya's brain. She is playing with cactus!!
Tanya heading out on her final loop, the morning sun has risen fast. She is going to try and beat the heat.

Marc, Honey I did it!, Now come give me a hug.

No way, not until you take a shower!
KIRK!!! You did it man!!! Kirk Fortini finishing his first 100 miler. You are the MAN!!

Aw, she was voted "Miss Congeniality" isn't that special.

Another 100 miler down and many more to run!! thanks for looking and check back later for Tanya's race report.



leigh said...

love the pictures. i deleted all mine by accident. duh! Leigh

Marc and Tanya said...

Sorry to hear that and I didn't get any pics of you or George. Will we see you in Santa Barbara?