Monday, November 5, 2007

JJ100 Race Report

Javelina Jundred was my 4th 100 miler.I'm having more fun by the miles.
After prepping our campsite, we cooked dinner and went to the pre race check-in. While there we exchanged hugs and hellos to all our old and brand-new ultra friends.We just love that.
Time to hit the pillow, A night under the stars and bright full moon light, we slept like babies. Saturday morning 6:00am 132 participants were off to conquer 100 miles, and try to have fun while doing it.
My first lap was over before I knew it, clocking 2:46:30. Much Much to fast.My husband Marc reminded me to slow it down. I did.
The second lap I noticed I wasn't the only one who had slowed the pace down.It started to get a little warm. And I knew what the hot temps do to the body.
Third lap, I settled into a more comfortable pace while fueling and hydrating. This lap,the sun was EXTREMELY hot hot hot. I had to keep my face covered with a damp scarf to keep it from burning. The sun was beating down, man! My husband Marc (always my chief crew when not running himself) supported me at the Headquarters aid station as was the wonderful JJ100 fans and volunteers.
Forth lap, the sun was setting giving us runners who made it through the blistering day cooler night hours. What a beautiful sun set.
Fifth lap I was still feeling pretty strong, but I knew the battle wasn't over. I had to tough it through those wee hours till morning.
Sixth lap was my toughest. After I got a little anxious, I rushed I made a silly mistake. I did not take enough food down, and did not put on my long pants. My little knees fought the chill in the early am hours.. Marc (my pacer at this time) gave me his shirt; which I wrapped around my waist to cover the front of my legs. It really warmed me up.
The Seventh lap and final lap warmed up quickly and I didn't want to be out in the morning heat to long. So we picked up the pace again. Always trying to have fun we took pictures and sang songs which we love to do together. I was able to finish strong.
Thanks to all the volunteers and race fans who cheered me on throughout the entire event.

I Love you all. I look forward to seeing some of you in Santa Barbara and Ridgecrest

Stay Healthy and Fit.

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Marathoner in Training said...

Congrats on the JJ100, We met the first evening (I am the one with the two boys running around). Also I was out there pacing for 40. I can appreciate the cold desert weather you talked about.