Monday, November 19, 2007

Training on Mt Baldy

Ready or Not SB9T here we come, you can't hide

One week to go before Tanya and I travel north to Santa Barbara, Ca to take on the challenge of Santa Barbara 9 Trails. Last year Tanya ran this race, but due to fatigue and injury I sat out. I feel I am up to the challenge this year; and by what Tanya told me it will be a formidable challenge. The miles of this race are 35 but the typical finishing times are more that of a 50 miler, so that information alone says much about the challenge ahead. So in preparation, we ran and hiked Mt. Baldy this past Saturday by way of the Devil's Backbone, then down the Bear Flats trail to the Baldy village for a total of roughly 14 mountain miles.

Hey you Guys LOOK! Mountain bighorn sheep.

We where blessed to get a glimpse of the elusive Mountain sheep that live on the high peaks of the San Gabriel mountains. Many people hike these mountains for years and never see them; but Tanya have seen them on many occasions.
Tanya and Jeanette crossing the infamous "Devil's Backbone" heading towards the Summit.

The Summit was calm today, virtually no wind, and we where high above the fog that covered the valleys below.

The valley below covered in fog or should I say smog where millions are still sleeping, the mountains are so close but most won't ever enjoy their beauty.

A shot of a section of the bear flats trail descending to the Baldy Village, also a beautiful trail, but have steep and rocky sections. Is said to be the most challenging trail in the San Gabriel's. Santa Barbara here we come.



jorje said...

Baldy is a beautiful but tough climb.Leigh and I trained there to run Grand Teton 100. Jorje V

Marc and Tanya said...

Is that George V? Will we see you at SB9T's? If so see ya then :)

jorjep said...

yes its me see you sat!!