Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maasai Warriors run the London marathon

This past weekend at the London Marathon a group of Maasai Warriors from Tanzania ran to raise money to help pay for the drilling of water wells for their people. What we take for granted is a matter of life and death in many countries around the world. We should not only be grateful for what we have, but also be willing to help our brothers and sisters of the world without prejudice.

"They are known for their running abilities and traditionally live on a diet featuring blood and milk. By Kate Kelland "LONDON (Reuters) - They survive on fresh blood drained from the neck of a living cow, they often run for days and nights on end to find water and their shoes are made from car tires
cut up and strapped to their feet. So running the London Marathon should be no problem for six
Maasai warriors who have come to Britain from their village of Elaui in northern Tanzania as part of a campaign to raise money to find a vital water source (*
"Back at home we sometimes run for 5 or 6 days, day and night," Isaya, a young warrior clothed in a red robe and adorned with traditional beaded jewelry, told Reuters in an interview. "Twenty-six miles not far."
He and his fellow warriors, all between 20 and 25 years old, expect to reach the finish line of Sunday's race within four and a half hours.
They will run in traditional dress -- a red "shuka" blanket toga and car-tire sandals -- carrying spears and shields showing their running numbers, and will sing and dance along the 26.2 mile route through the British capital.
"And we will do the whole marathon with no water," Isaya adds. "We often travel for many days, eating only twice a day, and we have no water."
"If we have no milk or meat, we cut the cow's neck and let out the blood to drink. If I drink enough blood -- maybe two or three liters -- it gives me a lot of energy and I can go for days without food or water."
Africa the Motherland I long to visit you

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