Thursday, April 17, 2008

Upcoming race:Leona Divide 50 miler

Well on Saturday it will have been 62 days since Tanya and I have run a race. That is the longest time in between races that I can remember. Whew! The mountains are calling (LOL). We are both anxiously looking forward to getting back out on the trails with so many of our Ultra friends. We are both feeling good. Tanya is ready to rock and roll, though I am still nursing a tender knee; I think I will be good.
I guess this is a way to find out!
We ran the Leona Divide a few years back I remember it being challenging and extremely scenic. The course is on 33+ miles of the PCT. I can't wait to write a race report.

See you on the trails


Brian Mc said...

Cheers for visiting my blog guys. I'll be sure to peek back at yours regularly. Have fun in the mountains!

Reese said...

Run well, I'll be looking forward to your race report.

John said...

Hi Marc / Tanya

The pictures on my blog are in Scotland. There's a cracking ultra through the best parts, see:

You should enter!


Phil Robertson said...

Hi guys,

good to happen across your blog. The ultra scene in the US seems like a lot of fun. Not too bad here in the UK either.

Hope to get out to the US to run some hills someday.

Good luck on the run

Danni said...

I like your blog a lot. I hope you guys had a good race and had fun.

Reflection said...

Hi Marc / Tanya,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I'm still hanging in there. Wow 50 milers. Enjoy the mountains and have fun!!