Monday, April 7, 2008

Training run in Malibu

We went for a 18 mile training run Sunday in the Malibu Creek State Park. I just love running here especially this time of the year. The weather is perfect unlike in August when the Bulldog Ultra 50K is held here, temperatures can climb into the high ninety's. Which I have experienced during that race. But that would not be the case Sunday, I don't think it ever got above 60 degrees at least not while we were out there. Wild flowers are in full bloom, and just the beauty of the park is startling. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Into the Park we go

Giant Oaks

Creek Dam

Old MASH film site

The Sun Peaking Through

Back Bone Trail


DawnB said...

the place is breathtaking, thanks for sharing

Pamela Ann said...

Wow. That was nice. Thanks for sharing!