Monday, April 7, 2008

MS WALK: So Cal 2008

Don't let that beautiful smile fool you, the woman behind it is an enthusiastic, strong, and determined individual. Fighting MS, Rene Webb in 2000 decided to make a difference in her health and fitness by taking on a personal trainer to help improve her ADL's (Activity of Daily Living). Rene progressed from an electric scooter, to a walker and then to a cane. Two years into her exercise program Rene made a long term goal to complete the Southern California MS 5K (3.2 mile) walk. Rene's 2-3 days a week of Personal Training consisted of weight training, ball exercises, yoga, balancing, stretching, trail walking, biking, swimming, nutrition consulting, massage therapy and chiropractic care. Oh! and let's not forget those needed rest days. Rene got more confident and stronger every year while staying focused on her goal. With her Personal Trainers Dr. Marc and I; and the support of her family and Team Joyful Noise. On Saturday April 5, 2008 at the Southern California MS walk , she was victorious in reaching this awesome personal goal. Rene walked and finished the entire 3.2 miles! On her on 2 feet. She is one tough cookie.YOU GO RENE!!

Rene with friends and Tanya setting a comfortable pace in the early miles. Rene knows to start slow and finish strong.
Rene sticking to her plan. No time for smiles. Tanya we've got to get this 3.2 miles done!
Dashing past Rene's team sign "JOYFUL NOISE" at the half way point and still looking very strong.Whew! I need a rest stop! Tanya could you please massage my legs. Aah that feels so good!

SHE DID IT!!! Rene walked the entire 3.2 miles. Getting a big Kiss and hugs. We are so proud of you!

Enjoying in Rene's success is her husband Reggie and their newest grandson Jason. Rene you're a testament to what exercise can do in an individuals life. Though you deal with MS on a daily basis, you've not allowed it to steal your JOY. Let's go and make a "JOYFUL NOISE".

Tanya J.

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