Sunday, March 19, 2023

Twenty Five Zion


"We found love right where we are"

As we continue to post a few highlight updates from our adventures over the last few years I could not leave out this epic adventure to Zion National Park. The year was 2021 the month was September and Tanya and I were celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary. This special day called for a special trip so we made campground reservations and loaded up the "Ghost Ship" and hit the road. If you don't know what the "Ghost Ship" is well it's our trusty 1994 Ford Custom Van. We have owned her for 22 years and she continues safely transport us a year after year.

So we set out before dawn; its roughly a 7 hour drive to Zion National Park, Utah USA. We arrived before noon checked into the South Campground which is just inside the park. And let the adventure begin.

Homebase for the next 4 days

The View from of campsite


Only a few steps from the Virgin River

The landscape is rugged but beautiful

Some of the locals welcoming us to the park

Relaxing before the Adventure begins the next day

Cycling is the best way to get around the park

Trailhead for the Narrows, plenty of bike parking

Letting the pictures speak

Angles Landing next?

Can you see the road below?

We decided to not go to the very top of Angels landing,
I'll just say wisdom come with age 😊

The hike down the valley views are spectacular

Our friend came back to see how our day went

Fireside and the Moon Shinning

Hitting the trail to the Weeping Wall

The Zion Lodge 

You say No Showers in the campground!
Tanya says No Worries I can fix that😁

Zion what a beautiful place to see truly a wonder of the world and to spend our Anniversary there just created memory's we soon won't forget. We hope our adventures inspire you to create your own. Man has created a few beautiful places and cities; "I guess" said with a bit of sarcasm. But in the creation department nature is UNDEFEATED.  Get out there see it, feel it, taste it, hike it, bike it, LOVE IT!

πŸ’— Marc and Tanya Johnson

Friday, March 17, 2023

It's Been a Long Time (Part 2)

Memories- Maroon 5

As we continue posting pictures which are essentially memories and moments, well emotions are often triggered. Essentially life is a collection of these moments; when you truly think about it there is no past and no future only this present moment. Try to make the best of the present, cause the past is gone and the future is not promised.  In the words of my favorite musician the late Bob Marley " The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for". 

4 year old Xavion 

Another Beach Day

Nish modeling at the Iconic Swizzle Inn

The Cyclists Sherry and Tanya

Cute Bermuda Vehicles 

Family at Dad's Homegoing Celebration

Besties Tanya and Rochi

My pet crab

Coopers Island Bermuda

πŸ’—Rest in Peace πŸ’—

Looking East on Water Street St Georges

Looking West on Water Street
Wahoo's my favorite restaurant 

The Beautiful South Shore

Hiking with Sabrina on Ferry Reach via Railway Trail

Friday Morning Swim Group at Shelly Bay Beach

Girlfriend Jeannine was great seeing you

With Aunt Ethel and Cousin Allen

With Cousin Stevie and Wife Caletta

With Cousin Eloise

The Fellowship of the Eagles