Monday, August 9, 2010

Up to Speed

Though we have not posted in a long time our adventures have not stopped, let me get you up to speed on what we have been up to. After trekking across the Grand Canyon in May, we headed up to Central California to run "Shadow of the Giants" located just out side of Yosemite National park. The race is listed as a 50K but it turned out to be 34 miles instead of the 31 miles the 50K denotes. The extra miles didn't matter, it was an incredible day running in an incredible place with the woman I loved incredibly. Does that make sense?
Look our garden has been doing incredibly well! Hey that works! Love those purple bell peppers. Who loves turnips? I sure do, root vegetable are so incredibly rich in nutrients. Incredibly there it is again.
Then in July we climbed Mt. Whitney 14,495 ft. This was our fourth trip, and my second time to the summit, but I did not get away without elevation sickness.

As you can see on my face I was not feeling that great, but it got really ugly a short time from this picture on the decent. Let's just say "Vomit" 3x's and one hell of an 11 mile decent, without being able to drink or eat for most of it. Tanya had no trouble as always, must be girl power or something.
August has been a fun month of training, I am signed up for the Las Vegas Olympic distance triathlon on September 26th. The swim discipline has been the most challenging, but by the 26th I feel I will be ready. Tanya is still debating on whether to participate, or allow me to do this alone. What do you think, should she join me?
That get's you up to speed on what we have been up to, until my next post ~One Love