Friday, May 28, 2010


We had another incredible year running the Grand Canyon. Year after year it just gets better, I never grow tired of the natural beauty of the place, and the challenge, it takes will and determination. I have run across several times, it is never easy! Just you against the elements. Sometimes its cold, sometimes it hot; VERY HOT! It has been wet, and dry, but it has never been easy! As I write this I am already dreaming about running it next year! Enjoy the Video's.

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Downhill is always fun!

Sorry for the sideways view!

It's wasn't fun fighting a chest cold.

It was Bambi!

The temperature was 100 and rising!

Absolutely incredible, I just love this place!

Feeling the Pain! No more running!

She maybe feeling great!, but I am beat and I am not doing all that! LOL!

I hope you had time to check them out, as I always say life is an adventure, so get out there and LIVE!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010



On a recent trip to visit family in Philadelphia/Yeadon, PA Tanya and I just had to find a race. What did we find, just the largest 10 miler in the USA. The "Broad Street Run" and this year the race sold out! 30,000 runners!! Can you believe 30,000 runners in a 10 miler! I was a little concerned about logistics, because it was an end to end race, but the directors had everything
under control. The morning of the race participants parked their cars for free at Lincoln Financial field. We then boarded the Broad Street Line subway for a free ride to the start.
This worked out perfectly, it was also fun riding the subway with so many runners.
Corrals separated runners according to expected finishing times, unlike other races the vast majority of people went to their assigned corral without issue. I hate it when walkers jump into the 8:00 min/mile pace corral and create traffic jams when the race starts. Each Corral also had a staggered start which reduced congestion and made for a smooth start.
Philadelphia is known for it's incredible murals all over the city. I had to get a picture of the champs. Can you name them?
The heat we experienced that day was unexpected, I grew up in the area and never remember it being so hot and humid so early in the year. 90 degrees in May is unheard of, I thought I was in Bermuda in August. Hot and sticky! In the distance is city hall, which is roughly the half way point. I actually had a rough beginning, but ended up finishing strong.

We made it to the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where the race ended, and I made it to the bathroom! Whew!
Our goal was to finish in 1:30:00, we finished just under that at 1:29:30.
No medals for finishing? We were a little disappointed. But running 10 miles with 30,00 other runners. There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning.
Keep fit my friends