Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Strong Again

I am looking forward to tomorrow, instead of going for a long trail run, I'm going to go for a long mtn bike ride. Can't wait, I have been riding a lot more in the last couple of months. Great Cross-training.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Let nothing perturb you,nothing frighten you. All things pass. God does not change. Patience achieves everything.
~Mother Teresa
I can hardly believe it is already January 27th, 2010. It just blows my mind, time seems to be passing so quickly. There is so much I still want to do and achieve, but I often feel time is not on my side. 2009 kinda ended on a sour note, our last major race the Javalina Jundered ended early for both Tanya and I. As much as we prepared, things are still out of our control. The Sunday before the race Tanya can down with a light cold, which was accompanied with a heavy chronic cough. I don't think she has had a cold in years, but it would come the week before we attempted to run 100 miles. My trouble was of a different sort that started the Wednesday morning before the race. I was taking a morning shower, I slightly bent down to cross my right leg across my left knee to scrub my foot. I first felt a twitch in my right lower back and then Bam lock down , I couldn't move and the pain was intense. From that moment forward the slightest movement, or strain just took my breath away. To make a long story short we still drove out to Arizona and attempted the race anyway. We made it through the day, but as the night approached and the temperatures cooled, Tanya's cough reappeared and got worse and worse; and my low back locked down and my entire body stiffened. We made it to mile 60, and both decided it's better to live to fight another day. Tanya has completely recovered, by I have some lingering effects, which has caused me to drop my weekly miles considerably. With Chiropractic treatment, weight training and rest, I feel that the worse has passed.
We are presently running and riding base miles, but have no events penned in as of yet. I take that back we will be running across the Grand Canyon again with friends in May. That's always a blast.
We did spend a day exploring Joshua Tree National Park recently. The Park is not far from Palm Springs, CA. The rock formations there are incredible, almost like being on another planet. It's a cool and far out place.
What do you see? Let me know.
Rock climbing been there done that, not my cup of tea.
Time stops for no one, let's get outside, go somewhere, do something you have been dreaming about. Life is too short not too.
One Love
~Marc and Tanya