Sunday, June 15, 2014

Working on our SixPack

I am referring to the Socal SixPack of Peaks; though working on a six pack of abs will be just as challenging. Either way a ice cold six pack of beer will be even more refreshing at the end! While searching the web for some new trails to explore Tanya came across a website that listed a the SolCal six Pack as a great way to train for the infamous Mt. Whitney hike.   Socal-six-pack-of-peaks the list below are the six peaks and the recommended order of which to do them. 

Mt. Wilson - Home to a large array of Los Angeles television and radio towers, as well as the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Summit elevation 5,712'
Cucamonga Peak - The first half of this trail follows beautiful Icehouse Canyon. Summit elevation 8,859'
Mt. San Antonio - Known by many as "Mt. Baldy" this is a SoCal icon. Summit elevation 10,068'
San Bernardino Peak - This little-known trail provides a welcome escape from the crowds. Summit elevation 10,649'
San Jacinto Peak - Ascending the Marion Mountain trail, this route skips the tram for maximum benefit. Summit elevation 10,834'
San Gorgonio - "Old Greyback" is the highest peak in Southern California! Summit elevation 11,503' 

Well since we have done Mt. Whitney; and if you know my wife; we threw that order out of the window. San Gorgonio was going to be our first mountain to hike this summer. We met two friends Alex and Ray at the Vivian Creek Trail head and began our journey at 6:00 am on May 17, 2014.
The Vivian Creek Trail is described as the shortest and the steepest route to the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio;  the round trip distance is estimated at 18 miles give or take. We knew we had our work cutout for us. 

We made it to the top and found as you can see there was still snow to have fun in. The round trip took us just under nine hours; a full exhausting day of hiking! One Peak down five more to go!.......

A week later we tackled another peak in the SixPack San Jacinto . The trail we chose was the Marion Mountain Trail. Though the distance was shorter to the summit in comparison to the Vivian Creek trail on San Gorgonio the week before. The challenge was much greater, it was a butt burner!!

Feeling fresh in the early morning air

Relaxing on the top at 10,834 feet

Palm Springs sitting below

Two Peaks in two weeks four more peaks to summit over the summer; looking forward to them all!