Friday, October 24, 2008

Vegan Pizza: Home Made


Pizza is a great pre and post run food; but be warned all of that cheese is can be fattening. If you love pizza like I do, you will eventually get the urge to make your own in a healthier form.

What you see is my first home made vegan pizza, even the crust!! The cheese is a non-dairy cheese substitute (soy based). It was much easier to create than I anticipated, and man it tasted good!
The toppings are red onions, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and get this collard greens!! Now that topping makes it a SOUL Pizza (Ha Ha).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Race Report: Long Beach Half Marathon

Runners skirt Shoreline Aquatic Park with Rainbow Harbor alongside them in the coastal portion of the 24th Long Beach International City Bank Marathon on Sunday. About 18,000 participated in six events. (Steven Georges / Staff Photographer)

After having heat wave earlier in the week, the weather cooperated for Sundays Long Beach Marathon. The weather was absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and temperatures that just barely reached 70 degrees.

My goal time was a sub 1:50:00, last year at Long Beach I ran a 1:59:42.

mile 1: 10:05 to slow
mile 2: 8:59
mile 3: 8:50
mile 4: 8:32
mile 5: 8:23
mile 6: 8:41 pee break :)
mile 7: 8:25
mile 8: 8:25
mile 9: 8:00
mile 10: 7:59
mile 11: 8:10 fell off :( pace
mile 12: 8:10 fell off :( pace
mile 13: 7:47
mile .2: 7:02

finishing time: 1:52:14 pace: 8:34 average

As you can see I did not reach my goal time, but I feel I ran a smart race. I was able to drop my pace in each successive mile other than mile 6. Then at crunch time (*mile 11-12) I couldn't stay under 8 min pace which was where I needed to be. But going back to mile 1 that was the difference maker. I used mile one as my warm up, I usually warm up with a few striders for about 10-15 mins before the race, but the Porto potty line was very long :).
Tanya pulled away from me in the last few miles to finish in 1:51:25 averaging a 8:30 pace.

Back to speed work and fartleks!


Friday, October 10, 2008

This One is for George

Tanya and I are going to run for George this weekend. When we line up in Long beach this Sunday our hearts will be heavy. You see last year at this same race George( my brother in-law) was at the starting line with us. He ran a 1/2 marathon PR. But a year later nothing is certain, George is fighting cancer. So George this one is for you Brother! May you continue the good fight.
Love You
Marc and Tanya

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Garden has come to LIFE

Becoming self sufficient that is the ultimate goal, going green and growing your own food is easier than you think. Everything pictured, except for the coconut (smile); 3 months ago were seeds. Tanya and I are having such a incredible time seeing our food grow, it is so gratifying.
Collard greens
Butternut Squash
Yellow zucchini

You are what you eat! If it comes in a box. think 2x's before you eat it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I think I am still Feeling 2006

I know we are only a few months away from 2009, but I stated thinking about why am I so achy, why has it been so hard to get back on running track. I said to myself maybe it began in 2006 Races, so many races so many miles. Then I thought about 2007 and 2008 and the miles didn't stop there.

2007 Races:
Bermuda Marathon
Rocky Raccoon 100 (DNF mile 70) (M+T)
Los Angeles Marathon
San Juan 50K
Rosarito to Ensenada 50 mile bike ride
Relay for life 24 hrs (T= 90+ miles M= 70+miles)
Holcomb Valley 33 miler
*Badwater Solo 135 miles (Tanya), I paced her (60+miles)
*Claremont 5 K
Mt. Disappointment 50 miler
Bulldog 50K
Long Beach 1/2 marathon
*Javalina Jundred (100 miler) I paced her at night
Santa Barbara 9 trails (35 miles)
High Desert Ultra 50K
*Tanya only
2008 Races
Avalon 50 miler
*Calico 50K
Rocky Raccoon 100
Lost Dutchman Marathon
*Ontario 1/2 Marathon
Leona Divide 50 miler
Grand Canyon dbl crossing
San Diego 100 (DNF 70 miles M+T)
Lake Gregory 1/2 marathon
Big Bear Marathon
*Tanya only

We don't plan on stopping the miles so Friday I had a few mugs of Golden Milk, and Saturday we hit the trails (12 miles) and I had the best run I've had in a long time. Then on Sunday we went out for 6 miles and again I felt good. The miles are not going to stop!! No way!! I'm feeling the Juice again.
Long Beach Half this weekend and the High Desert Ultra in December then onto 2009 the ski is the limit!!

I feel some PR's coming on.

Get out there and run people!!!

One love,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Snake on the Mountain

This weekend while training on Mt. Baldy, heading down just above the Sierra ski hut Tanya heard a distinctive rattle! She stopped in her tracks, and what did she she a Rattle snake sliding across the trail. She warned me and Doshia of our reptile friend, and we stopped and watched him slither across the trail. A reminder that we are visitors in the wilderness, and we should always be cautious.