Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Javalina Jundred 12 hour training run

McDowell Mtn Park the location where the Javalina Jundred will be held on October 31, 2009.

Trying to relax at the campground Friday night, but it was still close to 100 degrees. What an uncomfortable night trying to get some rest.

Saturday morning brought clouds and plenty of lightning, then the skies opened. Much needed relief to the overnight HOT temperatures.

Did I say this was a night time 12 hour training run. Tanya and Jeannette resting before the 6PM start.
Here we go. The temperature was cooler than Friday but still a balmy 89 degrees. 120+ people showed up, what a great way to spend the night, running through the desert.

One lap down (15.4 miles) 3 hours 10 mins, good pace but much faster than I wanted to go.

Hey Mon!

Jeannette is the Coffee ready, we have a 6 hour drive back home!
See ya in October Javalina