Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Non-Weight Bearing Exercise

Last weekend Tanya and I had the opportunity to go sailing with friends. It had been many years since either of us had been sailing, yearning for the deep blue sea we jumped at the chance.
She was named the "Evening Star" a sea worthy vessel. We set sail out of Newport Beach, CA. We loaded her up with plenty of munchies, I hear sailing makes you hungry :)

After Alex guided us out of the harbor, I was handed the Helm. As a south westerly wind pushed us towards Dana point, I couldn't stop thinking of the early explorer's. The fantastic, but treacherous journeys to far and distant lands, many to be sucked up by the sea and never see land again. Hey, does this thing have life jackets!
Ay' mates, it's the pirates life for me! See any whales yet! No but I did see a mermaid!

Oh' land ho, crew!

Tanya at the helm, intensely focusing as the wind picks up and our knots quicken. It was her job to bring us back home to the harbor safely.

Riding the "Evening Star" like a surf board. BABY!
We had a great day with wonderful friends. We look forward to sailing again soon, Catalina Island here we come.
One Love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Snow in the Mountains

Last week Tanya and I decided to take a hike. From the valley below where we live the front side view of mountains are bare of snow. Only a 30 minute drive landed us into a winter wonderland. There has been a lot of rain this year in the lowlands, which equates to snow in the highlands.
Ice house Canyon is a very scenic trail that begins around 5000 ft. The trail meanders uphill along a creek for 3.4 miles and ends at the Saddle. The Saddle is a trail junction from which you can follow other trails to Mtn Peaks such as the 3 T's (Timber,Telescope,Thunder), Ontario peak, and Cucumonga peak. A gateway into the mountains.
The higher we hiked the deeper the snow got and the colder the temperature dropped.

We made to the Saddle, but where are the signs leading to the other peaks?

Cucamonga Peak Trail sign!

Ontario Peak trail sign.
The signs stand at least 4 ft high, so even late into April, there is quite a deep snow pack.
Until next time.
Hike or run a trail, it will do the body good!

Sowing Seeds

2010 will make the third year Tanya and I have grown most of our vegetables. Living in So Cal we have a long growing season. Depending on the vegetable the harvest can be year round. An example would be Kale and Collard Greens; they are rich leafy greens that do excellent in winter. We have had a lot success growing in the ground along our back wall, but the weeds at times become difficult to control; so this year we decided to add above ground planters. We had some yard space under a bedroom window that was perfect. I wasn't exactly sure how to build and how large to make the planters, so I searched the net for help. I came across dozens and dozens of backyard gardening sites, all full of helpful information and suggestions. Many were sophisticated and some simple, but all produced beautiful and healthy vegetables. I decided to go with three 4x4 foot planters, each constructed with 4x6 inch pieces of wood. The job was very easy and took me no time to finish. All I needed was wood, 3 1/2 inch wood screws and a drill.
First I cleared the space under the window of any weeds, and then leveled the dirt.
The first planter went together in a jiffy, the 3 1/2 inch wood screws pulled the wood together securely and tight.
I was done all thee in less than and hour, all exactly 4x4 with a little bit of walk space between each to tend to the crop and any weeds that may pop up.

I then put a layer of weed block and wood chips for added weed control, and also look.

I filled each with grow mulch and soil. The hard part is done! Now just "Sow the Seed" and allow the Sun and the seeds do their work.
Growing your own food is simple and fulfilling, not to mention the health benefits. If you want to improve your diet and save some money; backyard gardening is the way to grow, and the fruits and vegetables taste so much better than what you get at the grocery store.
There is no better way to fuel your body for those long miles than home grown food. I can't wait to share pictures of what our planters will produce this year.
Provoke, Encourage, Elevate.
One Love,
Marc and Tanya