Monday, August 7, 2017

Jumping at the Baldy Notch

On Saturday Tanya and I  with a few fellow adventure seekers headed to Manker Flats so we could walk the fire road to the Mt. Baldy Notch. We met at the trailhead just before 6am. The weather was perfect; not to waste anytime we got going on the roughly 3.0 mile walk. By the number of people at the trailhead we weren't the only ones getting away from the heat of the valley. We all wanted to enjoy the cool crisp mountain air and get a little exercise in!

Hanging out at the Baldy Notch.

Ready and Able with plenty of snacks and hydration.

Jumping for Joy to head back down the trail 😄

Downhill is always fun; and faster!

Yes dear I'm coming!

We had a great morning hiking and spending time with friends. The total round trip took three hours, can't wait to do it again and maybe we can recruit a few more friends.