Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Back in the Saddle

On Sunday December 3, 2017 Tanya, Jeannette and I traveled to Ridgecrest Ca to run in the "High Desert Ultra; though this year we all decided to run the 30K and not the 50K. At race start the weather was chilly, windy and clear but not as frigid as it can be this time of the year in Ridgecrest. As always the race had a big turnout and seeing many ultra friends and meeting new ones is always fun. In many races we often start together and then gradually separate as we settle into our individual paces; but not this morning for what ever reason we all went our own way. When it was all done we all had a good runs! Man! It always feels good to be on the trails! Tanya had a fantastic day with a 1st place finish in her age group and a 2nd female overall finish. Jeanette and I ran good runs respectively, finishing strong, healthy and injury free. See you on the trails! MJ