Monday, June 8, 2015

2015 Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon Derby

Two Mondays ago Tanya and I ran the Appleby Bermuda Half Marathon. I have stated before this is our favorite race to run; but this year was very special. It was special because after 37 years the race started in St. George's and not Somerset. St. Georges is Tanya's hometown. There was an awesome buzz and excitement in the air because of this special occasion. There was a new record set on entrants to the race, and the East end'ers  came out in the thousands to line course and cheer the runners. The weather was perfect, partly 

cloudy skies, mild temps, medium humidity, and a steady breeze from the east. The race began in historic St. George's and headed west to finish in Hamilton. Running from this direction was challenging because of the many hills along the course. The course from Somerset includes the infamous "Burnt House Hill" which is a butt kicker, but this course had many, many hills one right after the other.  I think this  will spark the interest of many more Bermudians to run in the upcoming years; alternating the course each year will create goals to run PR's from each direction. Having Family and Friends all along the course, calling our names and encouraging us to go go go is so special; and what makes this race so special to us.Tanya and I had a great time competing with our fellow runners; and look forward to many,many more years of running this race.