Friday, September 28, 2007

Shopping with Tanya and Dr. Marc

On Sunday Tanya and I met Tim and Bernadette in Claremont for shopping at the farmers market. The market vendors are many local farmers selling an array of fresh fruits and vegetables. We had a great time tasting and buying.
The first step to become healthier and fitter is to provide your body with healthy foods. Foods that are as close to their original form and unprocessed; are full of healthy nutrients.
I have never seen a TV dinner tree or vine! Catch my drift!
Every nutrient your body needs can be found in it's natural form in fresh fruits and vegetables.

My mother use to tell me about fresh tomatoes so sweet you could eat them like apples, but I never believed her. The grocery store tomatoes I had become accustomed to where dull tasting and washed out. But I tell you she was right, the garden raised tomatoes that I buy at the farmers market are consistently deep red and so so sweet.

Tomato sandwiches have never tasted so good!!


Gone Cycling

I haven't blogged in a while, but that does not mean we have not been training. The truth be told I have been nursing a hip injury, it seems to be hanging around like a bad habit. To change up our training we have been cycling and swimming more than in the previous years. Recently we rode the Green River trail to Seal beach and back (42 mile round trip). GOOD STUFF!!