Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 LONG BEACH 1/2

With only few more days to go before we run the Javalina Jundred I thought I would post an update on what we have been up to in the last few weeks.

A few weekends ago to take a mental break from the back to back long weekend runs; we ran the Long Beach 1/2 marathon. We arrived early before the sun rose to make sure we missed the pre-race chaos, which includes closed streets and jocking for parking. Long Beach has become one of our favorite local 1/2's to run, not only because the course is flat and fast, the the beach atmosphere and the crowds cheering the runners on is great.
This was the events 25th year so the organisers were expecting record numbers of participants and spectators.
Our goal was to run an easy pace and to just have a fun time.
We did, we also saw a number of running Friends which always makes the day great.

At the parking lot nice and early. Penny and Tanya eating breakfast and making a last check on gear.

After taking some time off from running Penny is back and ready. Let's go have some fun.

Still smiling coming around the final corner just before the finish line. You go Penny. Welcome back.
Wait, who is that? That's the dynamic due of Emily and Ivonne looking all fly! You say "1/2 marathon" and they say "when and where!"
We had a fun morning the weather was perfect, and I can't think of to many better ways to Spend a Sunday morning than running a few miles with friends.