Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Back in the Saddle

On Sunday December 3, 2017 Tanya, Jeannette and I traveled to Ridgecrest Ca to run in the "High Desert Ultra; though this year we all decided to run the 30K and not the 50K. At race start the weather was chilly, windy and clear but not as frigid as it can be this time of the year in Ridgecrest. As always the race had a big turnout and seeing many ultra friends and meeting new ones is always fun. In many races we often start together and then gradually separate as we settle into our individual paces; but not this morning for what ever reason we all went our own way. When it was all done we all had a good runs! Man! It always feels good to be on the trails! Tanya had a fantastic day with a 1st place finish in her age group and a 2nd female overall finish. Jeanette and I ran good runs respectively, finishing strong, healthy and injury free. See you on the trails! MJ


Monday, August 7, 2017

Jumping at the Baldy Notch

On Saturday Tanya and I  with a few fellow adventure seekers headed to Manker Flats so we could walk the fire road to the Mt. Baldy Notch. We met at the trailhead just before 6am. The weather was perfect; not to waste anytime we got going on the roughly 3.0 mile walk. By the number of people at the trailhead we weren't the only ones getting away from the heat of the valley. We all wanted to enjoy the cool crisp mountain air and get a little exercise in!

Hanging out at the Baldy Notch.

Ready and Able with plenty of snacks and hydration.

Jumping for Joy to head back down the trail 😄

Downhill is always fun; and faster!

Yes dear I'm coming!

We had a great morning hiking and spending time with friends. The total round trip took three hours, can't wait to do it again and maybe we can recruit a few more friends.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hanging in Wrightwood on Friday the 13th

Last Friday me and my brother from another headed to Wrightwood, Ca after work. We wanted to get a taste of the 15 inches of fresh powder Mother Nature had dropped on our local mountains. What a winter wonderland we drove into; it was beautiful! I hadn't seen snow like that it years, memories of my childhood came flashing back. Skiing had been exciting part of my youth; It had been a winter activity I always looked forward to. But like many things in life you move on, and are introduced to other activities. The previous ones seem to naturally fade away. 

Bobby the Snowboard Mtn. Slayer

 So earlier last week when Bobby told me that hes was going snowboarding on Friday. I decided it was time for me to hit the slopes again! I had been at least Twenty Years!

Marc the Long Lost Skier

I said to Bobby "Lets go to the top Baby, no need wasting time. After twenty years this may be my one and only run!" After sitting on the chair lift and swiftly being whisked away! I quickly began questioning myself as to the wisdom of this choice! But it turned out getting back on  skis was like riding a bike! We ended up making five runs that night. What a fantastic time; it felt great to be in the great outdoors with cold and crisp air quickly whistling by my face! Awesome-ness! I can't wait to go back; and this time it won't take twenty years!


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getaway: Palm Springs 2017

Tanya and I were able to celebrate the beginning of 2017 with a week vacation in Palm Springs, CA. What would a vacation be without a daily dose of trail running; well in our opinion not a vacation at all! This is the perfect time to visit Palm Springs the city is bustling and full of life with all of the snowbirds running away from the frigid temperatures of the Midwest and East Coast! The area is a hikers and trail runner's dream; the local foothills have miles and miles of interconnected trails. If you want to feel snow beneath you feet you can always take the twenty minute tram ride up to San Jacinto.

Life is meant to be lived, So get out there!

Sunday Morning Hike through Palm Canyon in Palm Springs, CA