Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2012 Where did it GO!

Can't believe 2012 went by so fast;  we are already in March of 2013!! Where does time go. Tanya and I have been staying busy with work and of course adventures!! 2012 had fewer races but no less excitement! We had the opportunity to visit the Havasupai Indian reservation twice in 2012, and both visits will be adventures not soon forgotten. This place in the middle of the Arizona desert is a special oasis with beauty almost unbelievable. Visiting there was like walking back into time, a place of quiet relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of our modern world. Supai (village name) was a place to unwind, were the clock stops and days feel like weeks; no phones, no TVs, no computers, no electricity. Just you and a few other souls looking for an escape, for time away; away from what has become our reality. A reality of non stop information, consumerism, vanity, capitalism, overindulgence, waste, greed, murder, entitlement, lies, over eating, under loving, stress, and preventable disease. But there in Supai, if you are able to let go, and accept that life can be so simple. The basic necessities water, food, shelter, and companionship are all we need to thrive; then a few days in Supai will revived you. It will energize your mind and soul. It will humble you, as you are made to think about how much you take for granted how much you waste. It may change your life!
But enough said enjoy a few of our photo's. Life is wonderful!! Love Marc and Tanya

Take note Tanya's hair signifies the 2 different trips :)

We just came back from six days of what we call total bliss and relaxation. Six days of camping and hiking; we explored trails of the Grand Canyon and the amazing blue waterfalls of the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Words will not do Justice to the beauty of what we experienced, so I will let pictures to the talking. enjoy!! Marc and Tanya