Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 Trail Running in Claremont

The first weekend of 2018 is almost over. I'm writing this on a lazy Sunday; but yesterday was not a lazy day we were up at the crack of dawn! Up early to knock down some trail miles in the foothills of Claremont CA. I mapped out a 7 mile loop the day before that would combine a mix of road, trail, and paved trail. We have a few new fitness goals for 2018, but the first step to achieving them is to put in the work.  As the sun rose we began the first climb, too steep to run so power walk it would be. What's the ultra running saying " Run the flats and the downhills, and power walk the hills"; this has served us well through the years! By the time we reached top of the first climb our bodies were nice and warm and ready to hit the first trails running in Johnson's Pasture.

As we rolled through Johnson's Pasture, it was nice to run into a few other early risers already enjoying the beautiful morning and trekking along. After a few miles the trail linked to the Claremont Wilderness Park system. All of the climbing was over, time to open our strides a little and roll downhill for a few miles. 

Feeling Good

2018 BABY!

After we left the Claremont Wilderness Park our loop continued on Mills Avenue to the Thompson's Creek Trail; then it was smooth sailing back to our starting point. The loop was 7.02 miles, done in just over an hour. Nice Mon! Time to head home for some citrus. 

Fresh Picked and Cut Citrus

Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges are great to help recovery after training. They both contain simple natural sugars which are easy to absorb; plus plenty of Vitamin C an antioxidant which has countless benefits. Thank you for reading and can't wait to see you on the trails.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mt. Baldy was Calling

The New Year was fast approaching; Tanya and I realized we had not gone to the summit of Mt. Baldy all year. The trail systems on and around Mt. San Antonio (aka Mt. Baldy) are not just some our favorites; they are in our backyard. So nice to only drive a few miles from home into the Angeles Forest and be able to Hike to elevations of 10,000+ feet., Southern California offers so much for trail runners! We arrived at the trail head at Manker Flats around 6:30 am dusk was upon us. We took a few minutes to gear up and then we were on our way just as the beautiful mountain skies began to brighten. The morning air was fresh and crispy chilly just enough to keep our beanies  and gloves on. We chose to ascend the mountain by way of the "Ski Hut/Baldy Bowl trail. This route is a shorter route to the summit (3.5 miles roughly) but that also means that it is steeper than the other routes. Our decent route would be via the Devils Backbone trail to the Baldy Notch then the Fire Road back to Manker Flats. This route is 8 miles. Don't think there is anything better than spending the morning on the trails with my best friend. Being outdoors in the natural elements, just us having an experience with the mountain is so Irie.

Which way do we go?

Crossing the bottom of the Bowl

Relaxing at the Summit 10,054 FT 

Cruising down the Devils Backbone

Mama Sheep and her lamb

Having fun at the notch

2017 Summit Mt. Badly check! This past year was another year full of outdoor adventures; we are looking forward to fill 2018 with many more! I hope who ever is reading this makes 2018 a year of adventures also! Do something you thought you could never do; remember "The only way reach the summit of a mountain is to start climbing". All the best in 2018. Looking for coach? Send us a message.