Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black Marathoners Assoc

Tanya and I are pleased to share that we are profiled in the most recent edition of the Black Marathoners Assoc. newsletter.

Click here:

We look forward to meeting other Black Marathon Assoc. members in February at the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Az.
Once a year members from all over the country meet at one marathon and share there love of running.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun at Bonelli Park

This past weekend we met at Bonelli Park (aka Puddingstone) for an early Sunday morning fun work out. The ladies Tanya, Char,Tobie, and Jeannette ran, while Dennis and I decided to ride. The park has a 7 mile loop that is safe for running and riding, it also boasts running and mountain bike trails. Let me not forget the Lake which has boating, fishing, and a triathlon series.
Hey look Twins!! at least the blue jersey and the black riding pants. Dennis and I after riding a few loops. It was such a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky, and the air was crisp and clean. Great for riding. But sad to say later in the day the fires all over the south land began, fueled by the Santa Ana winds. The air quality went down quickly.

Hey Char and Jeanette, you ladies are sure looking good! those Bonelli park hills must not be as tough as they look!! Marc! its Starbucks time!! I heard that Char!! Who's buying.

Ok, Jeanette when are we doing that Ironman? Me trying to talk Jeanette into getting a road bike. I love running, but the mile sure pass by faster on a bike.

Until next week " Much Love"


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long Beach 1/2 marathon

On Sunday October 14 we woke up early to run the Long beach 1/2 marathon. Me, Tanya, Penny and George were ready to hit the Beach!. The Long Beach race is flat and fast, and runs along the beach path; which give very nice views of the ocean and the small islands just off shore.

We found great parking only a few blocks away from the start. Penny and George making a last minute check before the sun rose. You don't want to forget the life saver "bodyglide".

Yes those are the very important porta-potties, if you are looking for someone before a race 10 to 1 you'll find them in line at the john.
Minutes before the start, and the last time we would see each other until the finish line.
I always seem to be trying to catch up!

I just crossed the finish line and they wrapped me in tin foil, what's up with that! I'm a human burrito!! Give me some HOT sauce! Hey, George! way to go! new PR (personal best for those who don't know) 2:45:33. Breaking the 3 hour mark never felt so good!

Hey LADIES, you ran The Beach! Hey, wait a minute, you are wrapped in tin foil too! Way to go you both did very good and look even better!!

We would also like to send a shout out to:

Char, Dennis, Claudia, Mac, Jason S, and Jason B who also ran and rode The Beach on Sunday morning. Fitness is fun, and it makes you feel even better!!