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Saturday August 25, 2007: 5:30am Tanya and I arrive at Malibu Creek State park, we are running the Bulldog 50K. In years past we camped at the park the night before the race, but this year decided to drive out to the park in the morning. When we arrived it was still dark, and stars filled the sky. It was going to be a beautiful day. We picked up our packets, spoke to lots of ultra friends, and prepared our packs for the day. In recent races we have been relying less on the aid stations, and carrying our food and supplies. We have also been eating fewer calories during the races and it seems to be working for us. I have been depending solely on gels and less solid food.
Race time! Tanya it's time to wake up, time to go trail running. "I'm not sleep" she says "I'm

just day dreaming that I'm still back home in Bermuda enjoying a day on Horse Shoe Beach". California Beach's are nice, but there is no place like the water and beaches of Bermuda.

I sigh, and say "I know, I know" but "let's go kick some "Bulldog"". The race consists of a double loop around the Park. The park is a very interesting place located in the Santa Monica mountains which rise straight up out of the Pacific Ocean. Though the park is only a few miles from the ocean, the canyons don't get much of the ocean breeze's and can easily reach 100+ degrees.
Nancy Shura the race director dedicated the race to Gary Hilliard, and gave us our final instructions. Tanya and I decided to run solo today, and so after the start I did see much of her. Her pace is just a step faster than mine so she slowly pulled away from me. That's her in the yellow short's dropping me on the first hill :)

The course runs through the old "MASH" site where the television show was filmed. There are old army jeeps left there, I guess as a tourist attraction. I can't say I ever watched the show, but I do remember always watching the opening credits and then changing the channel.

The biggest challenge of the race is climbing Bulldog hill, not only once but twice! I think it is important to be conservative on the first loop, so you will have the legs on the second loop to finish strong. Because the race is located near the Los Angeles area the run attracts a lot of first timers. They are easy to pick out, many haven't learned yet what I have; run the flats and downhills, walk the hills. So there they go running up Bulldog Hill, often will and attitude "I run marathons and I never walk". I just say to myself see you later Buddy. And more often than not I see them later "sucking wind or trying to stretch out a cramp"(smile).

So I finish the first loop right on schedule 2 hours and 59 minutes, just keep moving steady ahead. If I'm able to repeat that time on the second loop it will be a good day. As I run by this rock formation at the top side of Bulldog hill, I take a long look. The rocks are very smooth and have caves that look to have been hollowed out by water. WOW! this rock on top of a small mountain was once submerged underwater.

And I start to think about global warming is the planet just going through a natural warming cycle which is causing glaciers to melt all over the planet. Or are the scientists right, man is the cause of present warming of the worlds climate. Then thoughts of Kevin Costner and "Water World" came to mind, will we one day have gills? Enough thoughts of disaster I have another loop to run!!

Down the hills I go, Malibu Creek state park has spectacular rock formations.

As I approach Bulldog hill for the second time, the temps have begun to climb, and the humidity is high. My clothes are soaked with sweat, but I'm feeling good. Tanya is long gone by know, and hopefully having a good run also. Up, up, up I go kicking it into second gear, I finally make to the top then across the backbone. I can see the Pacific Ocean to the right of me, absolutely beautiful.

Going downhill can be worse than going uphill at times and Tapia hill is one of those long downhills that cause yours knees to scream. But I suck it up cause I know when I get to the bottom it is only 3 miles to the finish. At the finish there will be pizza! and I love pizza.

I finally made it to the finish line in 6:29:34 about 20 minutes behind Tanya . I slowed on my second loop but still had legs to finish strong. Another run down :) Straight to the pizza man! got to feed those muscles! (lol)

Tanya is there at the finish waiting for me, she makes sure I don't eat to much pizza. We say our goodbyes and hit the road.

Nancy , Larry, and the Volunteers until next year. We had a great day, and where treated great. Thanks. MJ

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